Travel posters aim to inspire us to pack our bags and voyage around the world by providing a glimpse of what it might be like to visit these far off lands. Printed posters may no longer be the most popular way to entice people to visit new places, but adverts can still be found everywhere, tempting us to buy new things.

What if the minds behind Apple’s creative ads were enlisted to make a poster that could convince you to book your next flight?

Neoman created a series of fictional travel posters for  Australia, Egypt, France,  Greece, the USA, Japan, Bolivia, South Africa, Tanzania and the UK. The campaign, as commissioned by Budget Direct Travel Insurance, was aimed at inspiring travellers to visit cities, natural wonders and unique landmarks that they’ve never considered visiting before.

The results are below – click each poster to expand it:

Research method

To create these posters, Neomam dug deep to uncover the most iconic adverts produced by Apple since the 1980s to imagine how they would promote certain travel destinations. The research team unearthed as these Apple adverts to serve as inspiration for the copywriter and art director.

The next step was to shortlist unique travel spots from around the world, making sure to include a mix of cities, natural wonders, cultural tourist attractions and ruins. The research team also gathered a series of details for each of the destinations, including: nickname (when available), key landmarks, cuisine and dishes associated with the destination, iconic activities and tourism slogans.

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