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Riviera Travel has published a report that says British adults feel the need to check their phones three to four times a day, even during their holiday.

Forget about a digital detox when on holiday — research has revealed Brits who have access to their mobile phone on holiday relax more. Following a study commissioned by TLF Research, the river cruise and tour operator Riviera Travel found that over 40% of the adults asked, who are over the age of 55, are more comfortable with being connected.

The research revealed Brits’ biggest worries about their home when they go abroad:

  • Turning non-essential electricals / water off – 34%
  • Locking the door – 28%
  • Locking the windows – 21%
  • Setting the alarm – 16%
  • Locking the car – 11%
  • Turning the “out of office” message on at work – 7%

Andrew Bridgewater, psychologist and author, commented: “We tend to forget these important things because we do them subconsciously and often while thinking about something else in the rush to get everything done. Consequently, we can’t recall whether we did them or not.”

Bridgewater suggested to “add them to your packing list and mark each one (and any others you’d like to add) and complete as you leave the house or when you arrive at the airport.”

People tend to worry about their home safety, however, 90% of adults aged over the age of 55 felt happier in the last year since the EU mobile roaming charges lifted. They feel safer going abroad knowing they can easily use their mobile phone and that Wi-Fi will be available in most public places.

Riviera Travel - Mobile Phones Research

Riviera Travel - Mobile Phones Research

The feeling of safety can also be attributed to the use of social media which helps ensure that all is well at home. According to the study, half the people aged over 55 admitted to using Facebook while abroad. It allows those back at home to be updated and have the reassurance that everything is well.

“This is where they would ask for travel advice”

Social media expert Charlotte Gill shared with Riviera Travel: “While Instagram has influenced the way we choose where to travel, it is Facebook that takes the top spot for travellers over the age of 55. In fact, people over the age of 55 made up the second largest demographic of Facebook users this year.

“The main reason for this is that older generations frequent this platform to keep up to date with updates posted by their children or grandchildren, so it makes sense that this is where they would ask for travel advice or contact friends and family while abroad.”

Riviera Travel - Facebook

Riviera Travel - Facebook

Supporting Gill’s claims, over half the people asked admitted they use their mobile phones for family communication, followed closely by keeping an eye on the news and with one in ten using their phone abroad while on holiday to check work.

“Mobile phone abroad aids your holiday experience”

Marie-Clare Dixon, head of digital at Riviera Travel, commented: “Having a relaxing holiday is something we all desire, from finding authentic experiences to tasting foods around the world. Our results have demonstrated how using your mobile phone abroad aids your holiday experience. Cutting off from the world and online social media can only add further stress to your holiday.”

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