TripAdvisor has launched a new ads performance reporting for Sponsored Placements along with new enhancements to the Business Advantage solution.

Back in April this year, TripAdvisor introduced Sponsored Placements, which gave accommodation businesses the top spots when users searched on the TripAdvisor platform. Now as the ad solution gains popularity, the company announced the launch of a new ads performance update that provides valuable and actionable metrics to drive awareness and improve businesses through their ad campaigns.

“It’s what the industry has been asking us for, and we’ve delivered”

“We see Sponsored Placements as a real game changer and our clients are seeing the results too – mostly because it’s helping accommodation businesses influence potential guests during a critical phase of the customer purchase path, but also because it’s what the industry has been asking us for, and we’ve delivered,” said Martin Verdon-Roe, vice president of hotel product and marketing, TripAdvisor.

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Through the enhancement, advertisers will be able to measure the impact of their campaigns and get insights into competitive intelligence metrics such as market share – all at a glance from within their Management Centre. Moreover, the new performance reporting shows that, on average, Sponsored Placements customers are seeing an increase of 17% in unique visits to their TripAdvisor listing.

“We’re giving Sponsored Placements customers the key performance metrics they need”

Verdon-Roe further commented: “Now we’re giving Sponsored Placements customers the key performance metrics they need to ensure they can measure the success of their campaigns and make strategic decisions about budget and timing. We’re also continuing to invest in our existing solutions for accommodation businesses with a series of recent enhancements to optimise Business Advantage features. All of these improvements help accommodation owners drive direct booking referrals and build customer loyalty.”

Enhancements and capabilities

The new enhancements and capabilities were developed based on feedback from businesses. The new Sponsored Placements capabilities include visibility into the number of ad impressions, the number of visits, booking referrals generated, and the percentage market share in locations where the customer’s ads are placed.

Enhancements to Business Advantage include the adding of subscriber website links to organic search results, more prominent subscriber website links within the contact details, optimised subscriber contact details on the mobile web, and the addition of website details to the property overview section.

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