Planning on trekking to beautiful Nepal? Here is one major thing you need to consider. Source: Shutterstock

THE LANDLOCKED region of Nepal is known for its mountain peaks, delicious food, and home to the Yeti, among many other cultural wonders.

In particular, Nepal is known for its incredible beauty, with Mount Everest creeping inside its borders and thousands of people from around the world flocking over to climb to Everest’s base camp.

Nepal also boasts extraordinary wildlife, with its huge variety of bird species, crocodiles, rhinos, deer, and even the elusive Bengal Tiger. The clouded leopard also lives high up in the mountain tops and was thought to be extinct up until a few years ago when it was spotted prowling.

Not forgetting, Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley alone has seven sites which all boast stunning beauty and cultural curiosity, perfect to pack your social media feeds up with.

Head to Hindu temple of god Shiva on the banks of the Bagmati River to see a network of buildings all dedicated to worship. Smell the beautiful incense and admire those who have maintained this wondrous place.

To add on, if you are a real foodie, then you and your appetite will definitely be in for a treat in Nepal.

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The destination is home to many different ethnicities, which means the food is a combination of traditional and infused flavors. With its neighbors being China and India, Nepal has its own versions of divine dumplings and delicious curries.

Now that you know of all the wonderfulness which Nepal has to offer, there is one more thing to consider before you book the next flight out to the delightful nation.

From July 17, 2019, onwards, Nepal will raise the visa fees for foreign tourists.

According to The Himalayan Times, citing an order from Nepal’s Department of Immigration (DoI), the decision to hike the foreign tourist visa fees was taken in May this year as the government had not raised the charges for almost a decade.

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DoI officials also said that the change in visa fee structure was minor and the fee structure would be revised again after the completion of the Visit Nepal Year 2020. “Change in the visa fee structure for foreign tourists is necessary to make the fee contextual,” DoI director general Eshor Raj Poudel said.

The department has hiked visa fee for tourists in a range between USD5 and USD35. Meanwhile, the tourist visa fee for 30 days (multiple entry) has been raised to USD50 from USD40. Tourist visa fee for 90 days (multiple entry), however, has been raised by USD35 to USD125.

For foreign tourists who are seeking a visa extension, the fee (within valid visa period) has to USD3 per day from USD2 per day.

Similarly, the visa extension fee (with multiple entry) has been raised to an additional USD25 from USD20. The late fee on visa extension (after visa expiration) has been raised to USD5 per day from USD3 per day.

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