Wanup reinvents how travellers get rewards, launches new tech solution at Sunborn London

The Sunborn London Yacht Hotel
The Sunborn London Yacht Hotel

London, England – Disruptive hotel loyalty club, Wanup, has just announced a new tech solution for guests of its partner hotels. It was introduced recently at the Sunborn London Yacht Hotel and it offers hotels and guests a whole new experience.

Wanup is a loyalty club that brings together a diverse collection of hotels from more than 25 countries into a single rewards programme. It has a vision of creating the world’s largest and most diverse loyalty club, so it can reward its members wherever they may be.

No matter what kind of traveller you are – from business globetrotter to the millennial hipster or the family vacationer type – its goal is to give you not just a good trip, but a great one.

As part of its newly implemented programme, guests at the Sunborn London Yacht Hotel will be able to sign up to Wanup’s loyalty club, simply by logging in their preferred social media platform and joining the guest Wi-Fi network for free.

This initiative is an effective way for Wanup to attract travellers as new members, and on one hand, give the deluxe hotel an opportunity to know more about its valued guests – from gender to age, language, and preferences. These efforts are in line with its mantra to give guests a truly personalized and authentic experience.

On a recent survey commissioned by Wanup, 70.6% of European business travellers said they would share their consumer data to get a more personalized experience.

In today’s modern age, data is one of the highest valued commodities. After all, a personalized experience is all the craze today. Whether it be in the hotel or any other industry.

The signing-up process will allow hotels to maximize the efficiency of their communication with guests during their stay. It’ll help guests learn more about the hotel’s facilities, and help the hotel to upsell its services and send relevant messages after check-out.

The new drive will clearly be advantageous to both guests and properties as it allows the creation of a strong and rich database.

Wanup – The loyalty club for happier travellers

Wanup is a loyalty club for travellers who want flexibility. It caters to guests looking for hotels with personality – from urban boutiques to country houses and beach resorts, all of which are highly-recommended by its club members.

Every time you book, you get the best available price and up to 6% back in Wanup winnings. Some of its perks are free breakfasts, room upgrades, spa credits and complimentary bookings at the Wanup hotel partner of your choice.

The more you book, the more you get. Wanup is always trying to find new ways to give guests a more enjoyable experience.

Speaking about the new initiative, Wanup Founder and Executive President Guillermo Vallet said “We are delighted to welcome Sunborn London as our launch partner for this innovative Guest Wi-Fi loyalty solution. This product is a key strategic tool for Wanup partner hotels and will be used to generate great results across our portfolio.”

About Sunborn London Yacht Hotel

Sunborn London Yacht Hotel is a 4-star floating hotel located at the Royal Victoria Docks, the largest of the Royal Docks in east London. It provides a truly unique luxury experience and is the first of its kind in the UK.

The superyacht made waves when it first opened in 2014 and continues to impress its guests through non-stop innovation.

Regarding the launch, General Manager of Sunborn London Arun Kumar said “Wanup is a unique company going to great lengths to discover more about the new frequent traveller and as part of this new initiative with them, we will now gain a greater understanding of our customer. As a one-of-a-kind hotel, we are delighted to be working with a loyalty club with such a unique association of hotels.”

For more information, you may follow Wanup on social media through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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