WATCH: Marriott unveils ‘hotel room of the future’ at CES 2018

IoT Guestroom Lab

Las Vegas, USA – Marriot International partners with Samsung and Legrand to introduce the world’s smartest hotel room at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018.

As technology continues to evolve, the way we think and feel about the things around us are changing. We live in a world where we want everything to be personalized – our phones, our cars, our clothes. So, why not our hotel rooms, too?

To answer this demand, Marriott’s Innovation Lab at their headquarters in Maryland created the IoT Guestroom Lab. It allows multiple responsive IoT (Internet of Things) systems, devices, and applications to communicate with each other to better serve guests and optimize the room’s operations. The futuristic room explores new concepts that have major potential to reinvent the customers’ experience.

It delivers a more efficient hotel room design and construction, and at the same time, it contributes to Marriott International’s global sustainability efforts and goals.

“We know that our guests expect to personalize almost everything in their lives, and their hotel experience should be no different,” said Stephanie Linnartz, Global Chief Commercial Officer, Marriott International. “By teaming with best-in-class partners, we are leveraging mobile and voice-enabled technology to give our guests the ability to set up the room to best meet their needs – whether that is creating the ultimate relaxation environment or one that enables productivity for business travellers.”

Marriot International continues to innovate the global experience across its 30 brands by developing a more intuitive system. For example, the IoT Guestroom Lab provides virtual assistance that may be used for a morning alarm, to start a yoga routine, or to turn on the shower at the desired temperature – all done by voice or app.

“At Samsung, we aspire to make life easier and better for our consumers, whether they’re at home or their home away from home,” said James Stansberry, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ARTIK IoT, Samsung Electronics.

“At Legrand, we offer a suite of power, light and data solutions that bring power and connectivity to previously untapped locations. Legrand is partnering with Marriott to improve the guest experience in a cost-effective and intuitive manner. This work further supports our Eliot Program in North America, Legrand’s global IoT program that encompasses our ambition, drives our product innovation and fosters our partnership in the IoT space,” said Ken Freeman, Senior Vice President of Demand Creation, Legrand.

Marriott’s goal is to redefine the hotel experience wherein guests would have a seamless, transparent, and flexible end-to-end solutions that require minimal equipment. Customers are promised an integrated experience with access to their personal data, as well as accessible voice and mobile-optimized controls.

Marriott says that consumers will begin to see elements of this technology in hotel rooms within the next five years.

See you in the future!

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