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TRAVELING comes in many forms – you could be getting into a car, hopping onto a train or a bus, or boarding a plane. You could even be discovering a new destination on foot and that is okay too.

No matter which way you choose to travel, you do so for one reason: the intention of arriving somewhere. Each individual option will offer you a different experience and of course, a different time spent.

One of the more interesting ways to travel has to be by bike (as in bicycle) and there are so many reasons why you should try it. It can be a fun and rewarding way to get to know a place at a slower pace and you will not need a license or be an avid cyclist to do so.

It is also eco-friendly and a low-impact, great form of exercise for anyone and everyone so it is fun to do alone or as an easy family activity. Best of all, in the more congested cities, cycling will help you skip the traffic jam and get you places faster than a car.

You can make your cycling holiday as leisurely or challenging as you want, hear the wind whistle past your ears, feel the sun warming your face, and explore a place through the eyes of a local. And in conjunction with World Bicycle Day on June 3, Agoda has shared a handful of beautiful cities that different types of travelers should check out on two wheels.

For the city explorers:

Beijing, China

For an affordable and convenient way to get around, hop on a bicycle from one of the bike-sharing operators in Beijing. Simply scan a bike with your mobile phone to unlock and lock it when you reach your destination.

First-timers to Beijing can follow a 16km bike route to cover some of Beijing’s highlights like the Forbidden City, The Egg, and the Bird’s Nest stadium.

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For the culture and history buffs:

Hoi An, Vietnam

If rustic old towns, beautiful rice field landscapes, and picturesque farms excite you, book a cycling tour via or the Agoda app to truly experience Hoi An in four hours.

Get to know Hoi An past and present, immerse in local culture with opportunities to interact with families and try your hand at their crafts.

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For the adventurers:

Melbourne, Australia

There’s a keen outdoor and cycling culture in Melbourne; live as the locals do and explore the Victoria state on a bike. For a short trip, consider the Yarra River trails through the region known for its vast wineries.

If you have a couple more days, take a trip out to Warrnambool to cycle down the famous Great Ocean Road. Don’t forget to look out for the Twelve Apostles and some of the most spectacular views in Australia.

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Happy cycling and exploring!

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