If you haven’t noticed, there’s only a little over a month left for 2020 to end. This also means cooler weather all over the country and along with that comes a slew of festivals making good use of the cool breeze that makes walking outside more delightful and less of a workout. A number of these events take place outside the city, which means even cooler temperatures and breezes accompanied by fantastic views of nature. These events are a great way to enjoy the “winter season” and serve as a reminder that we’ve made it through 2020 so we’ve all earned ourselves a bit of time to enjoy what these festivals have to offer.


Nakhon Ratchasima
Dec 5 to Jan 3

Covering 600 rai, the Jim Thompson Farm Tour is a great way to escape the all the woes that this year has brought on many of us. Though it’s still about two weeks away, it runs all the way until January next year so you’ve got enough time to take a trip to Nakhon Ratchasima to enjoy the floral spectacle. It’s obvious that being surrounded by such a gorgeous array of flowers will be a golden opportunity for IG and FB content that could last you for a good month or so. I’m betting you’ll even use a photo you take here for your annual “New year, new me” post come 2021. The organisers have taken that into account so they’ve set up nine check-in spots all around the farm, which are great photo opportunities so you don’t have to worry about finding the right place to get the right shot. It’s not all just photo-ops though. Since the theme is “Isan Flowers Fest”, you’ll also feast on Isan food while the kids play in an Isan-themed playground. Agricultural products and other Jim Thompson goodies will also be on sale for those of you that want to go shopping.


Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai
Until Feb 28

It’s a no-brainer to head up North during the cooler months to enjoy even lower temperatures and to be surrounded by trees and mountains and not skyscrapers or train stations. Chiang Mai is one of the most visited destinations when it comes to Thailand’s winter season and is also home to a number of flower farms. The Mae Rim district has launched the second annual “Flower Blooming Festival In Muang Kaeo”. A number of flowers farms are welcoming visitors to enjoy the floral sights and cool breeze: there are Suan Pa Nok Iang (bit.ly/2IEIn9o), Suan Lung Ron (fb.com/SuanLungRon), Suan Lung Tan (bit.ly/2IDEzEX) and I Love Flower Farm (bit.ly/3kAesfB). Each farm features a dazzling array of multi-coloured flowers in an open field and, weather-permitting, a beautiful blue sky. Just taking a glance at the photos on each of their FB pages and you’ll see just how incredibly gorgeous the landscape is. Ticket prices start at B50 and are different at each farm.

Suan Pa Nok lang.

I Love Flower Farm.

Suan Lung Ron.


Singha Park, Chiang Rai
Nov 25-29

Chiang Rai is close to Laos and Myanmar, and part of the Golden Triangle. It is also where you find Singha Park, the venue for the upcoming “Farmfest On The Hill”, which runs for five days. Because of the beverage that shares the venue’s name and the number of talents headlining the event, who will all be rocking out over the course of the five days, it’s easy to think that this is simply just another concert in the mountains, a perfect place to go wild. However, Singha Park itself is 8,000 rai that’s covered with abundant plants and flowers for you to frolic about because everyone loves a good frolicking in a field of flowers. The Happy Pony activity allows kiddos to fulfil their cowboy dreams by riding a pony. Meanwhile, you can roam around the vast park by renting out golf carts, or if you prefer, you can rent scooters or bikes instead. And if you’re feeling hungry, head over to Cargo Bar-B-Q for some good food and cold drinks. Top all that off with the star-studded line-up of talents and you’ve got yourself the ultimate five-day getaway.


Royal Park Rajapruek, Chiang Mai
Until Feb 28

The Royal Park Rajapruek in Chiang Mai is one of the province’s main attractions. The park, which measures a whopping 800,000m², houses three different kinds of gardens: Thai gardens, which showcase plants and flora which can be found locally; International gardens, which feature arrangements from other countries; and the Corporate gardens, which were set up by agencies and companies from the public and private sectors. The park was originally created to celebrate His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 80th birthday and 60th anniversary of his ascension to the throne, and thus the park also has a beautiful Royal Pavilion to celebrate His Majesty the King. Until Feb 28, the park is offering a number of promos for visitors to get 10% off on their passes like presenting your boarding pass if you travelled by Nok Air or if you visited Grand Canyon Waterpark, another attraction of Chiang Mai. They’re also holding a number of activities like coffee tasting and a workshop on different kinds of rice. Of course, you can also enjoy the main attraction: enjoying the winter flowers grandly displayed all over the park.


Nakhon Ratchasima
Until Mar 30

Florapark Wangnamkeaw is open once again for a limited time. Situated in nearby Nakhon Ratchasima, the park is home to dazzling fields of roses, flower tunnels and gardens and also a number of rare species of flowers that are specially bred by the park. Its British rose fields provide a colourful and relaxing spectacle or, if you prefer, a great IG opportunity. With over 40,000 different kinds of roses all over the garden, it’s sure to make your photos pop. Alternatively, if you’d like to truly get your mind off things and detoxify, you can leave the phone in your pocket or bag and just enjoy the gorgeous scenery provided by the garden. Either way, a visit to Florapark Wangnamkeaw will definitely be a colourful one.


Lop Buri

Yet another place that’s not too far away from the city of Bangkok, the Lopburi Sunflower Fields can actually be visited all year round. However, it’s around Nov until Jan that they’re in full bloom so this is the perfect time to pay them a visit. While the sunflowers are basically littered all around the province, one of the most visited places is the Khao Chin Lae Sunflower Field. The backdrop of ragged mountains against a blue-and-white sky with fields stretching with yellow-and-green sunflowers is a sight to behold, enough to fool you into thinking you’re not in Thailand anymore. Aside from the sunflower fields, there’s also a nearby temple, which is the home to a number of peacocks and also offers fantastic views of the mountains and sunflower fields. A day away from the city just to see these babies when the weather is nice and breezy is definitely worth the time and effort.


T77 Community, On Nut 1/1
Dec 18-19

The Sansiri Winter Market Fest has become one of the city’s highlights come December. A large part of the T77 Community at On Nut is transformed to become a hub of food, shops and various activities during this event. The San Samran Bridge, which serves as the entry to the community and is already pretty in its own right, is usually adorned with lights and lined with numerous food stalls that draw you deeper and deeper into Habito Mall where you’ll find a slew of happenings. Sansiri has promised even more activities this time around and has also announced the musical performances from The Parkinson and Morvasu. A number of artisanal shops will also have booths — after all, it is a market fest — so you can enjoy your food and drinks while shopping until you drop. Finally, you can also check out Sansiri Backyard, the urban farm that’s found in T77 Community, where you can buy organic produce.

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