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With more local airlines offering direct flights to Melbourne, there has never been a better time to explore Melbourne with its vibrant coffee culture and laid back vibe.

Online travel agent Agoda highlights some of the must-sees and must-dos in Melbourne with this quick guide to making the most of your visit to this bustling urban hub.

Get lost in the city’s network of laneways, and find art outside the confines of a museum

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With its sophisticated urban art in the form of graffiti, Hosier Lane, Duckboard Place, Centre Place and ACDC Lane (named after the legendary Aussie rock band), near Flinders Street station allows you to feast your eyes on this colorful and dynamic street art as you browse away from the shopping on Russell Street.

Experience a whole new world of sporting

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Melbourne was also once dubbed the world’s sporting capital, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground stands at its heart. It is the largest stadium in Australia and the 10th largest stadium in the world. As its name suggests, it hosts cricket matches and is the home of the Melbourne Cricket Club, but it also serves as the stage for Australian football. Just a stone’s throw away is Melbourne Park, where you can witness the Aussie Open live and in the flesh.

Perk up with and learn how to make a great cuppa or two

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And for when you have finished sightseeing, Melbourne provides the perfect backdrop to people watch from its hundreds of coffee shops throughout the city. The love for coffee is not unique to Melbourne, but the Melburnians’ eagerness and enthusiasm for educating those who are open to learn more about the art of bean roasting is something everyone should experience. Take a break from your usual big chain coffee shop staple and visit the many quaint and cozy cafes around the Brunswick, Collingwood, Carlton, and South Melbourne neighborhoods, to name a few.

Sample the vintages and take a hot air balloon ride over the Yarra Valley

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The Yarra Valley is technically outside of Melbourne, but at just an hour’s drive away, it would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to check out the views and taste the flavors offered by this sprawling expanse of lush greenery and vineyards. While there, make a reservation at the Yering Gorge Cottages for the night, and who knows? You might even get to encounter the majestic ’roos of the land down under.

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