Hyatt Hotels has announced Hyatt Leverage, a global business travel programme that offers special rates to qualifying SMEs at participating properties worldwide.

With a goal of attracting corporate travellers by making business trips less stressful and more successful, Hyatt Hotels launched a new global programme for small to mid-sized businesses called Hyatt Leverage.

Frequent business travellers and companies alike will applaud the new programme as it offers discounts of up to 15% off the standard rate at participating Hyatt Hotels, as well as 5% off at Oasis home rentals, the company’s serviced home rental accommodations.

“With Hyatt Leverage, we are adding value for small and mid-sized businesses by providing a tool that makes booking travel more seamless.” – Gus Vonderheide, Hyatt Hotels

“With Hyatt Leverage, we are adding value for small and mid-sized businesses by providing a tool that makes booking travel more seamless,” said Gus Vonderheide, vice president of global sales at Hyatt. “Hyatt Leverage also includes resources that enable businesses to view reservations and track room expenses all in one easy solution.”

The said tool is a dashboard that allows administrators to view traveller information, reservations and room expenses, as well as track total bookings and room spend. This will not only please thrifty bosses but administrators as well, as it compiles the travel specifics in one convenient platform. In addition, email templates are provided so they can easily share information.

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Ideally designed for companies with less than a thousand employees, the programme’s target is to capture the SME market by bringing convenience, and of course, by offering a nice discount.

How it works

To enter the Hyatt Leverage programme, business admins may register on its official webpage. After registration, they will receive a unique code, which then can be shared through the travelling employees. This will allow them to unlock the discounts when booking through or Hyatt Reservation Centers.

As reservations are booked, program administrators are able to view employee travel and track their room spend in a comprehensive Hyatt Leverage dashboard. It will also give the ability for World of Hyatt loyalty members at participating companies to earn points on stays booked through Hyatt Leverage.

Although the new initiative bypasses the commission component for travel agencies, Vonderheide noted that it is not trying to drive business away from them, but simply targeting SMEs (including OTAs) that will rely on the tool. He said: “All we’re trying to do is capture them and say we can make this easy for you and provide a nice discount.”

As a proof of maintaining its relationship with them, Hyatt earlier this year launched a programme for luxury agents, which offers extra perks for top sellers. Furthermore, the company hasn’t made any plans of cutting commission on group bookings, unlike its contemporaries Marriott, Hilton and IHG.

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